Parish Religious Education

P.R.E. (Parish Religious Education) – Religious education classes are held on Wednesday evenings from September through April for Grades K-8. CONTACT PERSON: Jo Kusek, (402) 572-0369;

.     Volunteers are needed to assist with the following:

P.R.E. Teachers (Catechists) – Teachers meet with their students from 6:00-7:15 p.m. on Wednesdays using the classrooms of St. James/Seton School. Teachers/Catechists not only help their students to have knowledge of the Catholic faith; they also help their students grow as disciples who love Jesus.  (Preparation for each class takes an hour.  Teacher editions and lessons are supplied.)

Teacher’s Aides – Aides assist the teachers/catechists with classroom management, the learning of prayers, individualized instruction and art activities.  

Hall Monitors – These volunteers monitor the halls during the classes and help the teachers and students before and after classes.

Parking Lot Helper—Adults watch the children proceed to their cars. Children are to walk slowly, stay off the grass, and watch for the cars that are moving. Parking Lot Helpers ensure the safety of the children.