Parish Committees

Building/Safety/Maintenance – This committee provides the parish with a plan to ensure routine maintenance and care of all Church facilities and grounds. This includes the coordination of grounds and maintenance projects. Volunteers needed include carpenters, electricians, handymen, heating and air conditioning, lawn care and plumbers. Meetings are held as needed to discuss safety issues. CONTACT PERSON: Michael Willis, (402) 493-2186

Electronic Communications Committee – This committee’s role is to facilitate communication between: parish committee to parish committee, parish committees to the parish body, and the parish body to the community.  Meetings are held 4 times a year. CONTACT PERSON: Becky Weitzel, (402) 344-0610

Domestic Violence Awareness Committee – This committee was formed to raise awareness in our parish that domestic violence affects many families in our society and provides information and educational materials to help develop healthy families within our parish. CONTACT PERSON: Shelly Gray, (402) 493-3006;

Liturgy Committee – This committee is responsible to plan and implement various  activities such as the parish mission, special blessings at Mass, days of discernment and prayer. This group meets as needed. CONTACT PERSON: Duane Karmazin, (402) 571-1689;

Parish Pastoral Council Candidate – This advisory board to the Pastor consists of 12 members. Elections are held in May for 4 positions. Elected members serve a 3-year term. The Parish Council meets the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Anyone can submit nominations for candidacy. CONTACT PERSON: Cameron Gales, (402) 212-6117

Pro-Life Committee – This committee is dedicated to implement the Bishop’s Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life activities. It responds to the call in “The Gospel of Life” to respect, protect, love and serve life in our parish and our community through programs which support and promote respect for life. CONTACT PERSON: John & Emma Thordarson; (402) 547-1224;

Vocations Committee – This committee meets 2nd Tues. of most Months at 7:00 p.m. This committee fosters the support of religious vocations among us. They have been able to have the Serra Prayer for Vocations recited at all the weekday masses.  They have an hour of prayer after every Thur. evening mass for an increase in religious vocations.  They promote family prayer for Vocations by providing the Traveling ICONS to be used in their homes.  They have special prayer booklets to help them focus their prayers on an Increase to Vocations. CONTACT PERSON(S): Bob & Ruth Zaruba, (402) 630-6140; Sue Niggemeyer, (402) 496-0225