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Christmas Eve: 4:00PM & 6:30PM
Christmas Day: 12:00AM (Midnight Mass)
8:00AM, 9:30AM, & 11:00AM

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First and foremost thanks for all of you that took the time to vote on the Sunday Mass schedule. There were almost 450 votes. That reminds me of how important this is.

 The results were that we go back to the previous schedule of 8&11am on Sunday mornings​. That makes me feel good that the results of the town hall we had a couple years ago were on target.  It is also sad for me because I do know that these are not optimum times for some of you.

 But I keep having to remind myself that too many Masses are actually a detriment to a parish. Masses that are half full are hard on priests and on the people because it can seem like they are on the Titanic wondering why there are so few people still on the boat.

 Because we are going back to the previous schedule we can start it soon. We will drop the 9:30 Mass right after Mother's Day, May 21.

 So you know the actual tabulation of the survey I will have a graph for you next week. I also want to remind you of the concert for the next stained glass windows next Sunday at 2pm.  All of the admission money and other donations will be doubled up to $7,000. So bring friends and family. Last year the concert was a delightful​ event.

 God bless you,

Fr. Frank

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