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Hopefully, you’ve been able to set up your access to all the material available on the FORMED.org website. So, let’s log in and see what’s there.  Once we’ve successfully logged in we see at the top of the home page to the right of the word FORMED, the following:

                HOME      PROGRAMS     MOVIES       AUDIO          BOOKS

These words identify the five main pages that delineate the different types of material that are available on FORMED.  The first one, HOME, is easy – it’s where you’re at right now.  This is your starting point on which we have already mentioned the PLAY and GUIDE buttons.   We will talk more about these buttons next time.

Click on PROGRAMS and you will be taken to the page where you will find the various catechetical programs available for you on the web site.  These are divided into various sections; currently they are Exploring the Catholic Faith, Sacramental Preparation, Bible Studies, Opening the Word, Children’s, For Youth: YDisciple Small Group Discipleship, Hearts Afire Parish-Based Programs, Disicpleship Groups, Special Topics, and Español which contains the Spanish translation of some of these programs.  As with any web site, these may change by adding new material and even new section.  Stay tuned.

MOVIES will take you to the page that contains various full length movies and documentaries.  It too is sectioned off into various topics.  These topics range from movies on female and male saints, inspirational and biographies, documentaries, a section for children, and as with the previous section videos in Spanish.  All of the movies that I have shown this year and last year for Movie Night are available from this page of the web site.

AUDIO will take you to a page that is again delineated into sections. This page contains audios that allow you to listen to religious and spiritual programs. There is one section for the Truth and Life Audio Bible which you may have listened to on Spirit Catholic Radio in the mornings.  There is a Children’s section, an Adult Faith formation section, an Apologetics section, a conversion stories section, a marriage and family section, a prayer and spirituality section, young adult section and the Español section.

BOOKS will take you to the page that will allow you to select a book. It is also sectioned off in various sections such as Children’s, Exploring the Catholic Faith, Inspirational, special topics section and the Español section.  I have not used this page at all and I’m looking forward to learning how this actually works.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what’s out there on this web site.  As you can see, there really is a lot and I hope to guide you through the most impressive web sites for the Catholic faith.

So, stay tuned for the next installment of inFORMED and if you have any questions contact me, Tom Schrad, at tcschrad@cox.net or call me at (402) 493-4112.  Again the Parish code is: 67e4f3




Offering the Gift of Faith

​(Mentioned in Fr. Frank's 10/9/16 Letter)

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