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Veritas Financial Study

Veritas Financial Ministries develops Stewards of Providence by equipping people to manage their Personal finances according to Catholic principles.  Participants deepen their relationship with the Lord and learn what Christ and His Church say about managing money. 

What Veritas is:
- To equip participants with the tools they need to manage their money more effectively.
- To develop a spiritual way of life.
- To strengthen marriage and family life.
- To enhance the sense of community at the parish level.

Veritas is NOT:

- Veritas is not a program a church can use to get more money from its members.
- Veritas is not just for people who may have financial stress in their lives.  Although it is of great help to those people, it is a study for all God’s people.
- Veritas is not a program where participants will be “sold” any financial product of any kind.  
- Veritas does not sell or endorse financial products or services.
- Veritas is not a program where participants will be asked to expose their personal finances.  No one will be asked to do this!
Veritas is not a quick fix.  It takes time and effort

 Veritas Small Group Overview:

  1. Topics include:  work, giving, spending, saving, debt, investing, budgeting and training children to handle money.
  2. Materials:  Participants receive a book, and a workbook.
  3. Cost: $40 per person, $50 per couple.
  4. Meet 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.
  5. 2 hours of preparation outside Class, home work assignment and daily prayer.
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